Welcome to the Mo Dewji Foundation

Welcome to the Mo Dewji Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to enriching lives and alleviating Tanzania’s citizens from poverty and hardship.

“I have been blessed and am very proud of the success of my company, MeTL but with this success and the subsequent wealth comes responsibility. God blesses some people with wealth and it is the duty of these people to redistribute this wealth to less fortunate people and contribute to humanity. I have great pride in being able to say through both MeTL and the Mo Dewji Foundation, we are achieving this. I believe in putting money back into my country first and foremost. Tanzania is where I make my money, it is my home and Tanzanians are my people and therefore my priority.

Mohammed Dewji

CEO MeTL Group & Founder Mo Dewji Foundation



The Mo Dewji foundation believes that development is multifaceted; improving one area in development alone cannot create a sustainable Tanzania. Instead, the foundation focuses on integrating several areas of development such as sanitation and water, healthcare and education into establishing development in Tanzania.


The foundation has been successful in targeting its major goals in the key areas of education and health. We have built schools, hospitals and wells. Mo Dewji Foundation has also contributed to the betterment of the health system in Tanzania by providing 22,000 mosquito nets, reducing the risk of malaria infected deaths.


Our team at the Mo Dewji Foundation strives to thoroughly conduct research and attend to the needs of the people of Tanzania. The Mo Dewji Foundation reinforces international standard procedures throughout the lifespan of each project. Starting from a Need Based Assessment to  a Logic Model of Implementation.

Recent News

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