Welcome to the Mo Dewji Foundation

Welcome to the Mo Dewji Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to enrich the lives and alleviate Tanzania’s citizens from poverty and hardship.

“I have been blessed and I am very proud of the success of my company, MeTL, but with this success and the subsequent wealth comes responsibility. God blesses some people with wealth and it is the duty of these people to redistribute this wealth to less fortunate people and contribute to humanity. I have great pride in being able to say through both MeTL and the Mo Dewji Foundation, we are achieving this. I believe in putting money back into my country first and foremost.”

“When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living, raise your standard of GIVING.”

Mohammed Dewji

CEO MeTL Group & Founder Mo Dewji Foundation



We are on a mission to enable and empower the many under-privileged who continue to struggle in Tanzania, with a specific emphasis on health and education.


Over the last five years, the Mo Dewji Foundation has spent more than $3 million in grants and other forms of funding for community service projects, supporting schools, hospitals and water wells.


Our team at the Mo Dewji Foundation strives to conduct thorough research and attend to the needs of the people of Tanzania.

Learning and evaluation are crucial for the implementation of our projects.

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