110,000,000 tsh donated to Tumaini la Maisha

Yesterday Mo Dewji Foundation invited several representatives of the press to cover the hand over of 110,000,000 tsh to Tumaini la Maisha, an organization that provides much needed support to children with cancer. True to its meaning which translates into English as “hope of life”, is an invaluable organisation to patients and their families.

TUMAINI LA MAISHA Tanzania is a locally based NGO supporting children’s cancer services in Tanzania. The organisation works with the National Children’s Oncology Centre at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. Since 2005 access to care and treatment at the facility in Tanzania has increased 5 fold from 100-500 children and survival rates have improved from 10% to approximately 50%.  Everything is offered free of charge to the families. These costs are shared between the government of Tanzania and TLM, together with the efforts of donors such as the Mo Dewji Foundation.logo tlm

Mo Dewji Foundation has been one of the major Local Donor to support the TLM for its sustainability.We strongly value the operate of Tumaini la Maisha and we have been supporting their projects, not only the medical aspects but we have focused as well on the patients (and their families) stay in Dar es Salaam during their treatment. In fact, not only Tumani la Maisha provides medical care, but is also caring for patients (and families): a hostel has been built in order to accommodate the patients and small business provided to the parents to raise money while in Dar. Mo Dewji Foundation is continuously supporting the patients (and their families) in their transport to/from Dar es Salaam to seek for medical assistance and receive treatment. In fact, lots of families due to poverty and financial struggles are not able to travel to Dar es Salaam to receive an early diagnosis that would assist in preventing the spread of the illness.

6The donation of 110,000,000 tsh marks our continuous support to Tumaini la Maisha and the funds will be used to purchase essential medicines and to support core TLM team salaries and will allow TLM to continue their vital work.


Below some more photos of the Press Conference, where representatives of Tumaini la Maisha (including Mr. Gerald Mongera, Board Member of TLM) delivers a speech about the impact of Tumaini la Maisha.