Our Mission & Vision

Our Core Values


Our Focus Areas

We pursue our mission by implementing programs and supporting our partners in our three focus areas.


At the Mo Dewji Foundation we believe that education is the greatest gift you can give a person.Tanzania - Muhimbili Hospital Children's Unit-22[1]

The youth of Tanzania are our future and by improving and providing education we can build a better, brighter
Tanzania for tomorrow. Alongside Mo Dewji Foundation has spent more than 520 million Tsh on developing educational facilities.

Our main goals regarding the improvement of education are to increase access to education, to improve school
quality, and to help students reach higher levels of academic achievement.


The Mo Dewji Foundation believes inthe provision of good quality and
affordable healthcare for all Tanzanians: healthy individuals can create sustainable lives. We believe that improving the healthcare system in Tanzania includes the provision of healthcare as well as health education and preventative measures.

We are strongly committed to improving the equipment of already existing facilities and contributing to new healthcare infrastructures. Furthermore, the Foundation also provides knowledge and information on better nutrition and adaptive hygienic practices such as building latrines in schools and providing mosquito nets.

Community Development

The Foundation believes that supporting a wide range of community development and capacity-building projects leads to more sustainable and successful societies. Our community development goals include infrastructure
development, financial inclusion, and access to markets. Furthermore, we believe that gender equality allows communities to reach their highest potential.

A major focus of our community development programs has been the provision of basic services, especially access to water and sanitation facilities. The Foundation is a firm advocate for clean water and sanitary environment, and our aim is to continue increasing clean water in order to reduce water borne diseases that affect the health of the population.

So far the Foundation, has supported many sanitation projects and spent more than 250,000,000 Tsh on drilling over thirty water wells in the region. Through the Mo Dewji Foundation we hope to expand our water access programs nationally and double this figure in the near future. Additionally, the Foundation has built latrines in schools in the Singida region.