Our Partners

We partner with organizations throughout Tanzania and beyond to ensure the success of our programs.
If you are interested in developing a partnership with the Mo Dewji Foundation, please contact us at info@modewjifoundation.org.


MeTL Group is Tanzania’s largest home-grown company, worth more than $1 billion and operating in 11 African countries. 

The Mo Dewji Foundation and MeTL Group have a firm partnership that began in 2014. We work together to implement the Group’s CSR, and MeTL supports us with administrative and operational support. MeTL Group covers 100% of our administrative costs, so that we can ensure all of our funding goes directly towards improving the lives of Tanzanians. Additionally, we work together on the implementation of numerous projects, such as our upcoming School Meal Program in Singida.

Learn more about MeTL Group here.


Darecha is a Tanzanian micro-venture capital firm that seeks to explore ways that profitable small businesses owned by youth within its core ecosystem can raise venture capital.

We have partnered with Darecha on our Mo Entrepreneurs Competition, intended to recognize and support the efforts of young entrepreneurs in Tanzania. Together, we are providing growth capital, networks, mentoring, and software that can help transform the future of these young businesses. 

Learn more about Darecha here.


The University of Dar es Salaam is the oldest and biggest public university in Tanzania. 

We have partnered with the University to implement our Mo Scholar Program, which seeks to provide young Tanzanians with the financial support they need to pursue a four-year undergraduate degree. Students may apply for this scholarship directly through UDSM. The program is only open to incoming first-year students.

Learn more about the University of Dar es Salaam here.


Problem Solved Ltd. is a software company in Tanzania that seeks to help MSMEs keep better financial records to allow them better access to credit and a higher growth potential.

We have partnered with Problem Solved Ltd. to enlist the use of their Minishop Accounting System, which makes it possible for MSMEs to produce financial statements at a low cost, relative to the high expense needed to hire an accountant. In collaboration with Problem Solved Ltd., we have provided this accounting software to all of the firms in our Mo Entrepreneurs Competition. The provision of this software helps the companies understand their profitability and develop better financial strategies. Additionally, it fits into our data-driven strategy, allowing us to use several months of data from these firms in the determination of the winners of our Mo Entrepreneurs Competition.

Learn more about Problem Solved Ltd. here.