Building Learning Centre For Youth In Kisaranga Village

Mo Dewji Foundation is proud to sponsor Furahini Youth Learning Centre (FYLC), a project designed to promote education in the rural village of Kisangara, Kilimanjaro Region.

Over 8,000,000 Tsh has been donated by the Foundation to help build the needed infrastructure for the Learning Centre intended to boost education performances of the children: a great majority of them comes from families that work in the nearby MeTL Sisal Estate.

According to Furahini Youth Learning Centre (FYLC) coordinator Mr. Msuya Isiaka, the idea of establishing the Centre comes from his long experience of teaching and witnessing the high level of failure in National Exams from Government Secondary Schools’ students in the village.

“Learning has become a critical problem into our society as often students in secondary schools owned by the Government find no teachers: sometimes, if lucky enough, there is just one Mathematic teacher in a whole school. Not to mention other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.” he said, adding that the problem of less committed and dedicated teachers has a far negative impact to students.  “We believe that proper education is our major weapon against this gripping rate of poverty which circles the generations of Kisangara village” he said.

Learning activities started on June 2015 on Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics subjects. Currently there are two unfinished classrooms  and one unfinished office. Thanks to Mo Dewji Foundation’s sponsorship, the classrooms will be finished and open to the students in November 2015.

The Opening Ceremony of the Centre is scheduled before the the end of the year.

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