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Children’s Cancer Ward Programming SupportChildren's Cancer Unit- hostel and school-29 

In Collaboration with Tumaini La Maisha

Status: Ongoing
Program Area: Cancer
Program Type: Grant

Mo Dewji Foundation provides continuous funding support to Tumaini La Maisha, to help support its crucial programs as well as ensure the provision of quality medical supplies and treatment.


The National Children’s Oncology Center at Muhimbili National Hospital is the first children’s cancer ward in all of Tanzania. Dr. Patricia Scanlan had worked with the ward since 2007, and understood its needs. The ward suffered from a lack of medical supplies, especially medication, and was always understaffed. Almost 90% of the children died. In 2011, Dr. Scanlan founded the NGO Tumaini La Maisha, which works in conjunction with the children’s ward and the National Ministry of Health.

Tumaini La Maisha began with the simple but ambitious task of ensuring patients at the children’s ward received the highest-possible quality of care. They have built a school for the patients, many of whom live in the ward for periods of several months. They began play therapy programs and other extracurricular activities to engage the patients and give them a better quality of life. Crucially, they built a hostel for the families of patients from remote areas. In 2013 a new ward was built, with better quality and superior facilities. The next year, a master’s program to train local pediatricians as specialists in pediatric hematology & oncology was initiated. Through their tireless work, Tumaini La Maisha has made incredible changes in just six years.

Children’s Cancer Unit- hostel and school-26[1]

The Program

The Paediatric Oncology Centre at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam is currently the only children’s cancer ward in the country and the only one of its kind in East Africa. The importance of its survival and success is undeniable and we are proud to support the amazing work of Tumaini la Maisha.
The Mo Dewji Foundation supports Tumaini La Maisha by providing annual grant funding. This funding covers costs of supplies and medicine, including new equipment. It also contributes to the successful operation of several of Tumaini La Maisha’s programs.

Our program funding goes to the transportation program, the play therapy, the school, and the family hostel.
The transportation program is especially important. Tumaini La Maisha receives notice from hospitals and medical centers around the country when they have a young patient with cancer. All too often, those children and their families cannot afford the trip to Dar es Salaam. Tumaini La Maisha’s transportation program brings those patients, and their families, to the cancer ward so that they can receive life-saving treatment – and when they’re better, they take them back home.

The Mo Dewji Foundation also provides funding to support the operation of the play therapy sessions and the school. Both of these programs serve to elevate the children’s quality of life while they are receiving treatment, and ensure that when they go home they can continue their education successfully. Finally, we provide funding for the operation of the hostel, which allows the families of patients to stay nearby and provide much-needed support and love.

The Results

Our continued support for Tumaini La Maisha has allowed for the continuation of many of their crucial programs, and especially enabled the expansion of the transportation program. The transportation program ensures that no child in Tanzania is left without treatment. Our provision of supplies and medicines ensures the utmost quality of medical care. The play therapy sessions provide crucial recreation time for the children, and the school provides education and ensures the children not fall behind in school because of their treatment. Our support has taken financial pressure off of families seeking treatment for their children, both in terms of transport to the facility and living expenses for the duration of treatment.

Altogether, the continuation of Tumaini La Maisha’s operations has significantly elevated the quality of treatment and life within the children’s ward.

You can find more information about Tumaini la Maisha here: http://www.wearetlm.org/

HIV/AIDS Programming Support 

In collaboration with the Benjamin and William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation

Status: Completed
Program Area: HIV/AIDS
Program Type: Grant

The Problem

In Tanzania, 6 people out of every 100 are infected with HIV/AIDS each year. 8,000 pregnant mothers die annually, and there continues to be a severe shortage of skilled healthcare workers to address this crisis.

The Grantee

The aim of the Benjamin and William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation is to strengthen health service delivery in Tanzania’s underserved areas. It has provided employment to more than 1,100 health workers serving needy areas, given scholarships to 1,000 students on Allied Health courses, enhanced retention and motivation of health workers through 480 constructed staff houses in rural health facilities, and covered tuition fees for health workers in HIV/AIDS clinical management training programs.

The Results

The funds donated by the Mo Dewji Foundation and other sponsors to the Benjamin and William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation will benefit at least 20 million people directly and indirectly through the Foundation’s efforts.