Handover of toilet blocks to Msinune Primary School

Last week Mo Dewji Foundation, in partnership with Flaviana Matata Foundation, has  handed over a newly built toilet block to Msinune Primary School, in Bagamoyo, Pwani.

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Since 2014, Flaviana Matata Foundation have been helping Msinune Primary School students with school equipment. Earlier in 2015,  when asked to help solving challenges such as latrines, classrooms and teachers’ houses, Ms. Flaviana (founder of Flaviana Matata Foundation) got in touch with Mo Dewji Foundation and agreed to build a toilet block for the students.


The Head Teacher of Msinune Primary School, Mr. Msami Mgoto, thanked the two foundations for the construction of the latrines as it’s something they needed. As of now, the school has 150 boys and 135 girls enrolled. The latrines are big help to them although other challenges still exist.

Construction of toilet blocks:

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