Mo Dewji Foundation Donates New Desks for Mikocheni Secondary School

On August 6th, Mo Dewji Foundation presented a check for TZS 22 million to the Mikocheni Secondary School in Dar es Salaam to facilitate the purchasing of new desks. The donation will be help ensure that the school has desks for every student. They will no longer have to sit on the ground during classes, which is shown to negatively impact education outcomes. This project is in line with Mo Dewji Foundation’s work in education, reinforcing the idea that every student has the right to a quality education and comfortable learning environment.

Mo Dewji Foundation Director, Ms. Barbara Gonzalez and Head of School, Ms. Salama Ndiyetabura led the event, which was also attended by the representatives from the Mikocheni council and school parents’ board, as well as the students.

Ms. Ndiyetabura began the event by thanking Mo Dewji Foundation for their support and cooperation with the school, and discussed the hardships students face without desks. Thanks to the Foundation, they will now be able to accommodate all of the students in the school. However, she acknowledged that there were remaining challenges, noting the lack of laboratories, teachers for science subjects, and computer labs for IT studies. Ms. Ndiyetabura affirmed her determination to continue the work of creating an excellent learning environment for all students.DSC_0064

Her speech was followed by a statement from Ms. Gonzalez of Mo Dewji Foundation. Ms. Gonzalez spoke about the Foundation’s work in education, and their desire to support President Magufuli in his plan to have every student sitting in a chair with a desk by the end of the year. Currently, there are an estimated 4.25 students for every one desk, showing the progress left to be made.

The Mikocheni council woman, Madam Kinyenyi gave her thanks to the Foundation as well as to the school administration for their efforts to create a quality learning environment for their students. A representative also spoke from the parents’ board, saying how much they appreciated the efforts of the teachers and Mo Dewji Foundation in helping their children obtain the best possible education.

Finally, a student representative spoke of the student body’s appreciation for the project, saying how happy they were for the help from Mo Dewji Foundation and everyone else who made the new desks possible. She said that now, the students will not have any excuse for failure and they will study hard.