Mo Scholars Program 2016 Recipients!

December 21st was a very special day for the Mo Dewji Foundation, we finally announced the winners of the Mo scholars competition to the public! This process has been long, and it was not easy however every single student that we selected worked hard and deserved this opportunity. As a foundation we realize the importance of education in building the future of Tanzania, and the difficulties thousands of youth face every day in trying to find funding. We realized an intervention was needed, hence the birth of the Mo scholars program.

As a foundation we reached out to the University of Dar es Salaam, the reason for this is because the University Dar Es Salaam is a school that represents the largest group of students in Tanzania, about 30,000.


Michael Jordan, one of our Mo Scholar recipients undertaking a BSc in Telecommunications Engineering was given an opportunity to speak at the press conference on behalf of his peers.

The Call for the Mo Scholars was announced in August, and soon after hundreds of applications poured in. Each and every student needed the scholarship in different ways; the demand for higher education funding is very high in Tanzania. Therefore, as a foundation we used three categories to assist in the selection process of the Mo Scholars.

The first category was the need for financial assistance. The reason for this is due to the fact that every year, thousands of students are denied the opportunity to continue their education due to the lack of funds. We strongly believe that the lack of funds shouldn’t be a reason for one to miss out on the opportunity to continue their higher education, and this is why we made this the number one category for selecting the Mo Scholars.

The second category was high academic achievement. We aimed to provide opportunities to students that excelled within their academic fields and students who broke boundaries within their academic fields. We strongly believe that their abilities will enrich the future prosperity of Tanzania.

The last category we considered was leadership skills. In line with the vision of our founder Mohammed Dewji, as a foundation we strongly believe in the importance of students being leaders and pioneers in other areas apart from academia, that being sports, development clubs, business clubs, law societies and so forth. The aim of this is to look for well rounded students, who possess leadership attributes outside the classroom too. This is key in building the future leaders of Tanzania.

Ms. Barbara Gonzalez, Head of Mo Dewji Foundation addresses all the Mo Scholars and Mo Entrepreneurs after the press conference.

Ms. Barbara Gonzalez, Head of Mo Dewji Foundation addresses all the Mo Scholars and Mo Entrepreneurs after the press conference.

During our press conference, one of the Mo Scholars had the opportunity to speak on behalf of the group. Michael Jordan is from Tanga and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication engineering. Michael expressed his gratitude in his speech and said, ‘I thank the Mo Dewji Foundation for paying my school fees at UDSM and my aim for the future is to invest in technology and aid in the development Tanzania’.

We hope to expand this program to more schools and increase our scholarship basket to more students, Mo Dewji Foundation has big plans for 2017, stay tuned!