Opening Ceremony of Furahini Youth Learning Centre

Mo Dewji Foundation is proud to sponsor Furahini Youth Learning Centre (FYLC), a project designed to promote education in the rural village of Kisangara, Kilimanjaro Region.

Over 8,000,000 Tsh has been donated by the Foundation to help build the needed infrastructure for the Learning Centre intended to boost education performances of the children: a great majority of them comes from families that work in the nearby MeTL Sisal Estate.

As stated by Mo Dewji Foundation Operations Manager, Ms. Francesca Tettamanzi, during the Opening Ceremony of the Furahini Learning Centre, the donation reflects well MeTL’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts of creating positive impact among the community involved in the Company’s businesses.

The aim of the Mo Dewji Foundation is: ‘To enable and empower the many under-privileged who continue to struggle in Tanzania, with a specific emphasis on health and education.’ Over the last five years, Mo Dewji Foundation has spent more than $3 million on community service projects.

“This support reflects the Company’s obligation to give back to the communities as well as creative positive impact on the engaged community” said Tettamanzi.

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The director of the Cente, Mr. Isiaka Msuya, added that the education sector in Tanzania is facing major challenges due to the huge gap between students coming from government school and students from private institute, due to the lack of teachers.

The Centre is intended to help boosting the level of education of students, many of which are from families of workers in the nearby MeTL Sisal Estates. Over 100 students are already attending the Learning Centre, where they receive extra lessons in sensitive subjects such as Math and Science and are given the opportunity to boost their knowledge and confidence.

The future looks bright for Furahini Learning Centre, as Mr. Msuya proudly said, and the hope is that soon the Centre will become a Secondary School, offering high level education thanks to committed and motivated teachers.

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