Our Approach

The Mo Dewji Foundation conducts it work through grant giving and project implementation, employing rigorous standards of program design, monitoring, and evaluation for all that we do.

Our team at the Mo Dewji Foundation strives to conduct thorough research and attend to the needs of the people of Tanzania. Learning and evaluation are crucial for the implementation of our projects. For our grants, we have a strict selection process, ensuring that the projects we fund will have the highest impact. For more information on our grant giving, please go here.

For all new in-house projects, we follow a rigorous process of development and implementation, and throughout its lifespan we reinforces international standard procedures.


First, a needs assessment is conducted in order to determine the beneficiaries and their immediate needs. We aim to integrate the local cultures, desires and decisions into the project so that it can truly reflect the people and their needs.

We then construct a logic model, to be used as a guiding tool for the necessary steps to be performed in order to complete the project and evaluate the effectiveness of it. Budgets are then associated within the logic model framework and a stakeholder analysis is created, stating responsibilities and benefits of each group of people that will be affected or will affect the project in any way.

Finally, once the project has been set into motion, quantitative and qualitative indicators are measured consistently in order to determine the success of the project and, if necessary, to readdress and reshape its strategy.