Mo Entrepreneurs Competition

The Program: Mo Entrepreneurs Competition seeks to provide a TZS 10 million interest-free loan to innovative firms, enabling them to improve productivity and income. 

Focus Areas: Community Development

Impact: In partnership with Problem Solved Ltd., we have provided the final competitors with Minishop Accounting Software, which they have used for the past three months. The provision of this software has improved the firm owners’ financial literacy and their understanding of their companies’ profits, and will allow us to make a data-driven decision on the winners. 

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Program Overview

Mo Entrepreneurs Competition is a collaborative effort between Mo Dewji FoundationDarecha Limited, and Problem Solved Ltd., to recognize and support the efforts of young entrepreneurs in Tanzania, who are running high-potential start-ups but lack further support in form of growth capital, networks, and mentoring. All finalists have been provided with accounting software to improve their financial literacy, understanding of their profit flows, and to allow us to make a data-driven decision. Additionally, the winners of the program will receive a TZS 10 million interest-free loan and mentoring from Mo Dewji.

The program components are:

1.     Free one-year installation of the Minishop* accounting software paid for by Mo Dewji Foundation;

2.     Minishop software installed on their recipients computer to monitor the progress of my business;

3.     Training provided by the Problem Solved Ltd* team to support the recipients company in utilizing the Minishop accounting software package;

4.     Mo Dewji Foundation to access the recipients company data through the Minishop accounting software package for monitoring and evaluation purposes as part of the Mo Entrepreneurs Competition for a three-month period from when it is installed;

5.     On the first week of every month, recipients will submit company bank statements to the Mo Dewji Foundation for monitoring and evaluation purposes as part of the Mo Entrepreneurs Competition for a three-month period from the software is installed;

6.     Forgery of data is automatic grounds for dismal from the competition and will therefore the recipients will ensure that all data entered into the Minishop software is accurate.

The prize for the winners is a TZS 10 million interest-free loan.

Why Minishop?

In Tanzania there are 3.1 million businesses. More than half of these (57%), rely on mental records alone when it comes to accounting. This creates a problem when applying for loans because banks require written financial statements. 

The Minishop Accounting System makes it possible to produce these financial statements at a fraction of the cost incurred when paying a certified accountant (of which there are less than 5,000 in a country with 46 million people).

Giving our contestants free use of the Minishop software enables them to manage their business records and learn more about their financial flows, in order to make better decisions. It also allows us to use their records from three months of using the software to make an informed decision when choosing our winners by allowing us to analyze who will make the best use of the loan as well as have the best capacity to make the repayments.

Learn more about our 10 finalists!

We sought young entrepreneurs (18-30 years old) who have the passion, drive, and determination to grow their start-ups, in order to increase their income and their contribution to Tanzania economy. We received many applications, and have narrowed the contest down to 10 finalists.

Galaxy Energy Solutions

“Energizing you today, and tomorrow!”

 Galaxy Energy Solutions provides solar energy services, including solar lighting products, solar water pumping systems, and power backup for office and domestic use. They design solutions that are customized to their clients’ energy requirements. Galaxy Energy Solutions solves the problem of unreliable and unsustainable electricity in remotely located health centers, schools, homes, and institutions while preserving Tanzania’s environment. They aspire to impact 100,000 Tanzanians within five years.

Dee Bakery - 3

Dee Bakery

“Be healthier and happier”

Dee Bakery bakes breads, including scones, brown breads, and sliced breads, as well as pastries and cakes for different occasions. Dee Bakery aims to corner the market in its local area of Kinyerezi, catering to the majority middle-income population there. They specialize in catering to the needs of their customers, such as schools and various formal events, while maintaining an incredibly high level of product quality.

Jefren Agrifriend - 3

Jefren Agrifriend

“Your health, Our pride”

Jefren Agrifriend produces quality poultry products, including meat, eggs, and fertilizers. They keep marginalized communities at the heart of their business, primarily serving the bottom of the pyramid and hoping to tackle the serious issue of child malnutrition in Tanzania. Jefren Agrifriend has grown production from 100 chickens per month to over 3,000 using an innovation-driven agriculture model, and aspire to become Tanzania’s leading chicken producer by 2022.



Mazimbu Agro Enterprises

“Quality meat, good health”

Mazimbu Agro Enterprises (MAE) deals with value chain in the poultry sector and sells high-quality meat for food security. They purchase chickens from poultry producers and then process and sell the high-quality meat to hotels, food vendors, individuals, and supermarkets. MAE introduces innovation of simple technology use to process chicken and create awareness of interventions among farmers to improve production.

Dida Vitenge - 1

Dida Vitenge Wear

“Furaha Yetu Kukuhudumia”

Dida Vitenge Wear is a designing and tailoring business, dealing with clothing for both men and women, formal and informal wear, and targeting both the Tanzanian and international markets. They specialize in designing African fabrics with unique designs, with the aim of making their clients stand out at every function they attend.

Malongo Poultry - 5

Malongo Poultry Farm

“Making the best effort to live up to our consumers’ expectations”

Malongo Poultry Farm works in all aspects of poultry production, including egg and meat production, chicken breeding, feed production, egg and meat processing, and packaging and marketing. They produce different varieties of chicks and chickens to meet their customers’ needs, and they produce excellent indigenous breeds that are best suited to the environment in Tanzania. The nutritious and protein-rich products from their farms are always the first choice of consumers. 

Guavay Company

“Happy lifestyle, happy people”

Guavay aims to turn Dar es Salaam’s trash into cash. They seek to disrupt and improve waste management systems in informal settlements. The company has developed a low-tech industrial process to recycle a huge amount of urban organic waste into organic fertilizer, and they are continuing to develop more innovative solutions to waste management. 

Easternwind - 2

Easternwind Investment Company

“Uhakika na salama ndio fahari yetu”

Easternwind is a furniture producing and supplying that also specializes in office and home maintenance. They offer a very high-quality product and plan to expand to the national market.

Tado Travel - 1

Tado Travel Company

“Join together, travel with us”

Tado Travel Co. is a tour operator and travel agent, with a specific focus on the domestic tourism market. They offer special educational tour packages for students, trekking, and cultural safaris. Tado Travel envisions serving all of East Africa in the next ten years and opening up to new markets, including business and international tourism. 

Screenshot 2016-08-25 14.54.04

NACT Technology

“Next is now!”

NACT Technology engages in software designing, GPS mapping, website design and hosting, and SMS marketing. They believe that technology is the first tool for development, and are dedicated to designing software that will solve Tanzania’s biggest problems at the cheapest price.