Explore Our Upcoming Projects

At the Mo Dewji Foundation we are always planning and developing new projects and ideas to improve, strengthen and develop education across Tanzania. We welcome invitations for partnership or collaboration on any of our upcoming projects. 

School Meals

Singida – Urban School Meals Project

We are currently developing a program to provide school meals to a primary school in Singida – Urban. This project is proposed to address the concerns of school attendance, performance, and malnutrition in the region. By providing children with a free school meal, attendance will rise as students are incentivized by the food and no longer need to remain at home to eat. Additionally, it will take some financial pressure of families in terms of providing early-day meals for their children, meaning they are less likely to need the children to work. Due to malnourishment in school, students frequently are unable to concentrate or fall asleep (or miss school altogether). This program will address those issues and should therefore improve performance, both by increasing the student’s ability to do schoolwork as well as increasing the number of days they are in school. Finally, this program will have health benefits by addressing critical levels of malnourishment in young children.

This project is currently in the development phase. Implementation is set to begin in mid-August.

Mo Health Fund

Patient Assistance Fund

The Mo Dewji Foundation is currently working to develop a patient assistance program in collaboration with local Dar es Salaam hospitals. The program would allow patients to apply for funding assistance for major medical procedures, which they would not otherwise be able to afford. The funding will only be provided to citizens of Tanzania for medically necessary procedures, as recommended by the patient’s physician. It is intended to help patients overcome chronic conditions and drastically improve their quality of life.

Mo Empower

Girl’s Empowerment Program

This project is proposed to address the concerns of women’s health in secondary education in Singida, specifically related to WASH and menstruation. Mo Dewji Foundation is implementing a pilot program in Singida, including the building of improved latrines with appropriate disposal facilities, distribution of MeTL Sanitary Pads, a community education program, and a national advocacy campaign in order to provide education about menstruation and better health practices, reduce stigma in communities regarding menstruation, and enable girls in secondary school to manage their menstruation, thereby increasing their attendance and improving their performance in school.

Menstruation leads to an estimated total of up to 40 missed days per year for each girl in Tanzania. Young girls experiencing menstruation face many challenges, many of which cause them to miss school or drop out, including a lack of hygiene products and underwear, embarrassment, cramps and taboos. Sanitary protection materials, for example, are often unavailable and not affordable for many young women in Tanzania. For these reasons, the provision of high-quality, free sanitary pads will have a huge impact on girls in school.

Education and information (in combination with hygiene and sex education) empowers women and girls with factual information about their bodies and how to look after them. Young girls often grow up with limited knowledge of menstruation because their mothers and other women shy away from discussing the issues with them. Adult women may themselves not be aware of the biological facts or good hygienic practices, instead passing on cultural taboos and restrictions to be observed. Men and boys typically know even less, but it is important for them to understand menstrual hygiene so they can support their wives, daughters, mothers, students, employees and peers.

The Mo Empower program will address these issues associated with menstruation and enable women to achieve their highest potential.