Refurbishment of Jangwani Girls High School sport grounds

Supermodel Jokate Mwegelo and Mo Dewji Foundation have teamed up to build an accessible and modern sport facility for the Jangwani Girls High School in Dar es Salaam, which are soon to be completed.



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Ms. Jokate said the construction of the sport’s facilities is part of the plans she had to encourage  students to do well academically by participating in sports so as to develop their talents. Jokate said the programme is the result of the Kidoti Bonanza event, held last year to encourage girls to work hard in their studies for their betterment.

She said the Bonanza showed her the need to establish sports facilities in Secondary School all over the country and Jangwani Girls High School was chosen to be the first in the programme, due to the fact that it has a hostel and. among its occupants, some students are physically challenged and in need of such facility for recreation and talent nursing.

She said due to the lack of the facility in the school, most of the students fails to develop their talents and when they want to sooth themselves by playing, are forced to travel up to Gymkhana playgrounds. She lamented furthermore that the journey was always cumbersome and dull  but, by building the facility in the school, they will be able to enjoy different sports.


She added that in order to achieve the dream she spoke to Mohammed Dewji who agreed to provide 10,000,000 ts through the Mo Dewji Foundation to start construction. This shows well the deep passion and interest of Mr. Dewji in sport and the impact of Mo Dewji Foundation in enhancing quality education for pupils in Tanzania.

Sports are the sources of recreation. They instill or infuse a sportive spirit to take up the heavy burden of life in a lighter vein. Essentials to maintain health and physical fitness, sports encourage the growth of team-spirits.

She also plan to build playground facilities in Kinyerezi Secondary School  in Dar es salaam and  Maposeni in Peramiho District Ruvuma.