Tumaini La Maisha Christmas Donation

Christmas is a time for giving, for sharing love and appreciating all the blessings we have in life. And these holidays the staff at The Mo DewjiFoundation wanted to share their love with their friends at Tumaini La Maisha hospital- the first children’s cancer award inTanzania.

For over three years The Mo Dewji Foundation has been supporting the entire non clinical program at Tumaini La Maisha. Our funding has supported the patient nutritional program, play therapy, school , skills development for parents, and most importantly the transportation of all diagnosed and suspected child cancer patients from all regions across Tanzania to Dar es Salaam to seek medical treatment.


Head Teacher, Leonard pictured with one of the children at the donation event.

The Mo Dewji Foundation Staff donated a range of items from baking flour, handwash, medicated soap, khangas, cooking oil and so much more. As a foundation we are truly humbled to have been working so closely with Tumaini La Maisha for the past three years, and we hope that in time we can continue to do great work together.

Happy Holidays from The Mo Dewji Foundation to you!


Essential household and school items were donated by Mo Dewji Foundation in partnership with MeTL Group.



Mo Dewji Foundation Project Coordinator, Ms. Catherine Decker pictured with one of the children at the Christmas donation event.