This year the Mo Dewji Foundation has been venturing into different new projects. To kick start Ramadan we started our #UnganaNaMo campaign, a campaign aimed at creating a sense of togetherness in giving and helping those less fortunate. Through this campaign, the foundation set out to find different orphanages in Tanzania through which we could provide some assistance to. However instead of going the conventional way, we put out posters on our social media accounts because we wanted the society surrounding us to tell us about these orphanages, therefore making it a joint community effort.

Our #UngananNaMo campaign has various components to it. The first part of it is reaching out to our followers on social media and asking them to tag or give us details of various orphanages, which we then go see and vet for donation purposes. The reason we do this is because we want to ensure that all donations are made to authentic orphanages and that we are reaching out to those in need. In addition to this, we have also invited various individuals to different organisations who want to donate anything from clothes, shoes to books to join us in this movement, which we then collect repack and redistribute to various orphanages. However apart from all this, we as the Mo Dewji Foundation have a set package of sundries that we donate to these various orphanages, all sundries come from MeTL Group.


This campaign holds a special place at the Mo Dewji Foundation, reason being is that we want this to be an on going campaign, we want to teach everyone the importance of giving, and we also want to go around and see what the challenges various orphanages in Tanzania are facing and see how we can combat them together, as a society. Although lots of light is shined on orphans, there is never really much shed on the conditions they are living in, how they got there and of course these people that make it their life duty to take care of these children.

Lets all #UnganaNaMo and make a difference!

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