Welcome To The Mo Dewji Foundation


Welcome to the Mo Dewji Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to enriching lives and alleviating Tanzania’s citizens from poverty and hardship.

“I have been blessed and am very proud of the success of my company, MeTL but with this success and the subsequent wealth comes responsibility. God blesses some people with wealth and it is the duty of these people to redistribute this wealth to less fortunate people and contribute to humanity. I have great pride in being able to say through both MeTL and the Mo Dewji Foundation, we are achieving this. I believe in putting money back into my country first and foremost. Tanzania is where I make my money, it is my home and Tanzanians are my people and therefore my priority.

With MeTL I have always strived to be involved in industries that create employment in Tanzania at every level which is why we are committed to ventures in agriculture and manufacturing. But I wanted to do more and thus the Mo Dewji Foundation was created. Through the foundation and my position as an MP we are able to push forward with socio-economic development in Tanzania and deliver support to the community.

At The Mo Dewji Foundation we want to show our partners and investors we are committed to the projects we are involved in. This is why we operate a $1-$1 system where our input will match theirs every time.

Thank you for your interest in Mo Dewji foundation and I encourage you to support us in our work. We have a growing youth population in this country who are underutilized. Through the foundation we hope to develop education and build a generation of motivated and talented youth who are proud of their nation. Our work in developmental infrastructure is invaluable in providing people with their basic rights and needs such as access to clean water and sanitation.  We plan to start new projects in the upcoming years and I am excited about what the future holds and what we can achieve.”

Mohammed Dewji

CEO MeTL Group & Founder Mo Dewji Foundation